Workplace Assessment (Includes Accessibility Audit)

Workplace assessments improve the quality of your working environment, and so improve productivity.

Our assessments are conducted by qualified Workplace Assessors and comply with the requirements under the Chartered Institute for Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF).

One of the biggest concerns for any employer are costs associated with making reasonable adjustments and most, surprisingly, cost nothing.

Why undertake workplace assessments?

Improving the quality of your working environment is invaluable. There are many grants available to do this. Only 4% of reasonable adjustments made to facilitate employing a disabled person have costs; the average cost to accommodate a disabled employee in your workforce is £184. A relatively small cost to keep an individual employed, as opposed to going through the costly and time consuming process of recruiting for the post once again.

Delivery format

There are two options for this assessment

Option 1: Individual Workplace Assessment. Recommended for early intervention and more complex cases e.g. return to work, disability, serious illness or injury.

  • Assessment focusses on the needs of an individual experiencing difficulties with their physical working environment
  • Findings from the interview and workplace assessment will be outlined in a detailed report
  • Recommendations will be outlined in a short summary per user, including any equipment that may be required

Option 2: Comprehensive workplace assessment. Focusses on the workplace as a whole, looking at any changes that may be required to the working environment.

  • Our experience spans improving the layout and accessibility of businesses both large and small
  • This work can significantly improve the working culture and the wellbeing of businesses and their employees


You’ll receive either a detailed report or short summary per user.


To be confirmed.

We’re keen to support local organisations and as many people as possible who want to access this training, therefore we’d encourage you to get in touch to discuss prices and we can be as flexible as possible.

If you’d like any more information or an informal chat, get in touch with Ramin via the contact form, or on 01539 241620, 07792 515428,