Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic Assessments identify solutions which improve the quality of your working environment for staff, and in turn improve productivity.

Our assessments are conducted by qualified Ergonomists and comply with European Health & Safety legislation for Display Screen Equipment (DSE) regulations.

Optimal comfort in the workplace considerably boosts morale and therefore productivity and performance levels.

Why do I need an ergonomic assessment?

As a society, we’ve become ever more dependent on or workstations and there’s an increasing number of workstation related problems in the workforce. These difficulties could be due to a disability or a condition within the workplace and they often do not improve without an intervention.

What do our assessments include?

  • An outline of potential risks
  • Details about the consequences of poor work practice
  • Instruction on adjustability of workstation, including chair, desk, screen, keyboard, mouse
  • Recommendations for changes in work practice and workstation layout
  • Education in responsibility for personal health and safety
  • A report which outlines findings and makes recommendations

Delivery format

There are two options for this assessment:

Option 1: Compliance DSE Assessment. This is ideal for larger groups or individuals on a preventative basis and is cost and time effective.

  • On- site DSE assessment, conducted with the user at their workstation
  • Training in optimum set up and posture is provided to each user
  • Recommendations outlined in a short summary per user, including any equipment that may be required

Option 2 Comprehensive (Holistic) DSE Assessment. This is recommended for early intervention and more complex cases, e.g. return to work, disability, serious illness or injury.

  • Individual users will be interviewed on-site prior to the assessment taking place, providing detailed information on any pain or discomfort felt by the user from any aspect of their workplace
  • The DSE assessment will be conducted with the user at their workstation – photographs and measurements of the workstation will be taken where necessary
  • Findings from the assessment will be outlined in a detailed report, including information about suitable equipment if required
  • Up to 4 comprehensive DSE assessments can be conducted per site per day


Depending on the type of assessment, short summaries or detailed reports will be provided as takeaways, per user.


To be confirmed.

We’re keen to support local organisations and as many people as possible who want to access this training, therefore we’d encourage you to get in touch to discuss prices and we can be as flexible as possible.

If you’d like any more information or an informal chat, get in touch with Ramin via the contact form, or on 01539 241620, 07792 515428,